Paul Verderosa

The creator of Velocity Live in 2005 and dubbed “Lord Velocity” by The Mack and Nasty Show formerly of VRN, Paul Verderosa is the brains and the voice behind the show.

” I came up with the concept of Velocity Live simply because I was tired of the same old talk programs, business talk programs, etc that were on 540 AM WLIE and the sports shows that came out of CSB (Connecticut School of Broadcasting, which Paul graduated from) back in 2005. I envisioned a different show where the entertainment world would be front and center. A show that delved into the hot news topics, reality shows and that had guests that were interesting from all walks of life, talking about our lives and I think so far we have done a great job of that since we are still standing all these years later.”

“I love every part of this show! The people I’ve worked with, the ones like Kerri and Dan who have stuck it out from the start, the guests I’ve been able to interview… Mona Loring and MLR who were the ONLY PR firm to believe in us when we made the move to online and satellite. Simply the thought of the support we’ve had from family, friends and fans all these years whether we’ve been on the radio, satellite, online is just mind blowing to me! All the other shows that started when we did are long gone, but we are still here standing strong. It doesn’t get better than that!”

Some of Paul’s favorite moments include interviewing Melissa Joan Hart, Taylor Sprietler, Candace Cameron, and all of his favorite American Idol’s. Hell all of the guests that he has interviewed have been highlights! The mic stand collapsing and falling on Dan Moore’s head. The Dead or Alive games, and too many more moments to name!