Dan Moore

Dan holds the distinction of being one of the Velocity Live original 4!

Dan Moore turned out to be the BIGGEST surprise the show ever had. Paul met Dan literally 30 minutes before the first Velocity Live took the air on 540 AM WLIE in June of 2005. Paul was leery at first having this new kid handling his show. Paul’s attitude quickly changed and from segment 1 of show 1 Dan quickly stamped himself as a permanent member of the crew.

When the show left WLIE and headed for the CSB studios Dan was a casualty of the move but he did make an appearance of two until his ultimate return in October of 2008 where he remained a vital fixture as Producer/Co-Host/webmaster until his departure in 2011.

Dan was a master of all trades in the radio industry and was one of the major influences in the ALL NEW VELOCITY LIVE RADIO, the new velocityliveradio.com website, VRN and VRN Live!

He was best known for his unexpected, wild, raise hell attitude on the air, the mic stand that fell on his head. making us sound amazing with his quick one liner quips and imitations! Show host Paul Verderosa has often been quoted as saying “Without Dan there wouldn’t have been a lot of things that we have been able to achieve since 2008, he’s an amazing talent, producer and engineer. Without him there would be no us!”

Dan attempted to “retire” from radio in 2011 but his retirement did not last long and by 2013 he had returned to radio and Velocity Live.