Krystina Salcedo

Krystina Salcedo joined the Velocity Live Radio family in December of 2008 as co-host!
Paul first laid eyes on Krystina while she was performing the role of Reno Sweeney (Originally played by the amazing Ethel Merman, another favorite of Krystina and Paul’s!) in Anything Goes! Seeing Krystina command the role and stage with her voice and personality Paul knew he had to find a way to work with her! He approached her in the fall of 2008 with an offer to be one of the replacements for then departing John Mullaney. She jumped at the opportunity and was thankful to be a part of the show!
Krystina, although a seasoned veteran of stage work admittedly had a few butterflies when she made her debut! The nerves quickly subsided and Krystina has become one of the semi-regulars on the show! Her quick wit, sillyness and fun loving attitude has made her a fan favorite

A few highlites of Krystina on Velocity Live have included a duet with her boyfriend Niels singing “I Will Always Love You” in Feb of 2011, her story of being creeped out by a worker at the CSB studios from Dec of 2009 and granting Paul’s request for her autograph in June of 2011!