Kerri Dillon

Kerri is one of the Velocity Live original 4 and was dubbed “Velocty Live’s little princess” from day one.

Kerri and Paul have a long history together dating back to broadcasting school so it was a no brainer for Paul to ask Kerri to be part of his new show, right? WRONG! As it turns out they did not get along very well off mic or camera while they were in school together even though they would work great together on projects when paired. Kerri was even surprised by Pauls offer to join the show in 2005. She jumped at the opportunity and since then has blossomed into an amazing talent and woman.

Although briefly leaving in 2005 to return to college. She returned in 2006 and has always been a part of the show. Her “News Reports” along with her random humor, crazy adventures, and huge heart have all adored her to anyone who listened to the show.