John Mullaney

In the spring of 2005 he was approached by Paul about a project that was in the development stages to air on 540AM WLIE and was asked if he had any interest in joining it! Leery at first John agreed to join the project and in May of 2005 he was named Co-Host of Velocity Live Radio! The show took the airwaves June of 2005 and he remained co-host until his departure in October of 2008.
John also served as webmaster and created the original Velocity page, was a major part of Velocity Live’s talent search in 2005 and also aided in the creation of the original Velocity Radio Network.
John was best known for his “Ohhhhhhh Boy” phrase on the air, women talk and stories of his adventures on Long Island through the years. There was no subject John wouldn’t tackle and he always had a story or opinion to back it up!